COBA (Collective of Black Artists)

Legacy IV - Many Stories, One Voice

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
March 17-20 mars 2016
17-19 @ 8:00 | 20:00
Matinée: 20 @ 3:00 | 15:00

Winchester Street Theatre
80 Winchester St.
$20-$40 | 20$-40$

What stories do we carry as we move through time, space and place?

COBA presents a Season of Dance focused on the lived experiences of persons with African lineage and roots suspended in physicality of movement, spirituality of time, music and tradition. Legacy IV – Many Stories, One Voice incorporates issues of social and political change, personal redemption and a celebration of African heritage in three intriguing dance performances featuring one world premiere (“Spirityouall Essence”) and two remounts (“Meme: #Faith #Hope#…” and “Diallo”) for only four days in March.
The 2016 season at COBA investigates collective social consciousness and awareness and its relevance today how can many stories help in creating one voice to tradition, history and purpose of future. COBA’s technique is rooted in the African Aesthetics of presentation. With the versatility of the company’s choreographic themes, forms and musicality enlivens the Africanist traditions they hold dear. Legacy IV also features COBA’s musical ensemble; an integral part in much of the company’s choreography grounded in the wide range of African / Caribbean aesthetics.

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