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Dans son salon Company, Compagnie Voix, Omnipresenz

Le Troisième été d'amour + Eve (dance is an unplaceable place)

Performance | Spectacle
Video courtesy of presenter

Montréal QC
October 11-14 octobre 2018
11, 12, 13 @ 7:30 | 19:30
Matinée: 14 @ 4:00 | 14:00

Presented by | Diffusé par: Tangente
Member of the CanDance Network | Membre du reseau CanDanse
Édifice Wilder – Espace danse
1435 Rue de Bleury
(514) 525-1500

In this double bill, Compagnie Dans son salon presents Le Troisième été d’amour, and Compagnie Voix & Omnipresenz present Eve (dance is an unplaceable place). After Fin de party, the Dans son salon company continues its exploration of partying, this time focussing on the summers of love of 1967 and 1988. With the imperative to appeal to funders and presenters, these artists offer a commercial repackaging of revolution. In Eve (dance is an unplaceable place), Eve is surrounded by three duets: spectator-participants sporting VR headsets and their dancer-partners. In this Embodied Virtual Reality performance, a participatory dialogue is created among real and virtual dancers through touch and smell. VR experiencers are transported to unexpected geographies within 360-degree dance films, made visible via 2D projections to onlookers sitting around the room. For tickets and more information, visit Tangente’s website.

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