Bouge de là

L'atelier (The Studio)

Performance | Spectacle
  • Courtesy of La Compagnie Bouge de là

Toronto ON
November 9 novembre 2013
2:00 | 14:00

Berkeley Street Theatre
26 Berkeley St.
$25 (Under age 30 $15) | 25$

L’atelier is a flamboyant encounter of dance and visual arts, dance joyful motions in art history such as Pollocks Drippings, expressionism, and pop art. Each gesture describes a line, a spot, a shape or a color, and unexpectedly, a work of art is created right on stage. A paint splattered artist’s studio is the setting for this exploration by four dancers who use their bodies, objects, lighting and projections to bring visual art to life. Inventive and curious, they alter, reshape and transform the objects at hand playing with everything they find: fabric, frames, paintings and props and accessories of all sorts. Paintings spring to life before our eyes, turning into enchanting dance and movement in an ebb and flow that is driven by the whims and imagination of the performers. | Une rencontre flamboyante entre la danse et les arts plastiques. Voilà la proposition au coeur du spectacle L’atelier. Représenter des courants-clés de l’histoire de l’art à travers la danse : le Dripping de Pollock, lexpressionnisme, le pop art. Chaque mouvement dessine une ligne, une tache, une forme, une couleur et soudain, une oeuvre s’invente sous nos yeux, nous entraînant allègrement sur les sentiers de la création.

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