Nasim Lootij, Kiasa Nazeran

La Chute

Performance | Spectacle
[ AUTOMNE 2019 ] NASIM LOOTIJ & KIASA NAZERANCourtesy of presenter
Courtesy of presenter

Montréal QC
October 10-13 octobre 2019
Matinée: 13 @ 3:00 | 15:00

Presented by | Diffusé par: Tangente
Member of the CanDance Network | Membre du reseau CanDanse
Édifice Wilder – Espace danse
1435 Rue de Bleury
(514) 525-1500

Nasim Lootij sheds light on the tragic story of the Iranian people, who were brutalized by violent events in recent history. She struggles to stand, resisting hostile forces. The lighting fragments her body into tree branches, a metaphor for the previous efforts of musicians suddenly unable to create a national music meant to unite the various ethnic groups.

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