PPS Danse

Léo Ferré | Corps Amour Anarchie (Love Body Anarchy)

Performance | Spectacle
La Rotonde 16-17 / Corps Amour Anarchie | Léo Ferré par PPS Danse

Québec City QC
December 6-7 décembre 2016
20:00 | 8:00

Presented by | Diffusé par: La Rotonde
Member of the CanDance Network | Membre du reseau CanDanse
Grand Théâtre de Québec, Salle Octave-Crémazie
269 blvd. René-Lévesque E
418-643-8131 / 1-877-643-8131 

PPS Danse’s newest work brings the vibrant spirit of renowned mid-century French poet and composer Léo Ferré to the stage, in honour of what would have been his hundredth birthday. Under the musical direction of Philippe B and Philippe Brault, and created in collaboration with the festival Coup de coeur francophone, Corps Amour Anarchie features four singers, five musicians and six dancers (Alexandre Carlos, Anne Plamondon, David Rancourt, Jossua Collin-Dufour, Roxane Duchesne-Roy and Sara Harton). The evening-length performance, with choreography by Pierre-Paul Savoie, Hélène Blackburn, David Rancourt, Anne Plamondon and Jossua Collin-Dufour, focuses on the humanity at the core for Ferré’s music, setting his work in conversation with contemporary dance and providing an opportunity to bring dance to a wider public.

PPS Danse’s Corps Amour Anarchie is a performance highlight in the November/December issue of The Dance Current

Learn more >> larotonde.qc.ca

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