Anne-Flore de Rochambeau, Danielle Baskerville, Greg Selinger (Bboy Krypto), Johanna Bundon

Into the Fire

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
April 23-24 avril 2016
April 23 : 8pm; April 24 : 4pm

Presented by | Diffusé par: Dance Matters
Scotiabank Studio Theatre, Pia Bouman School
6 Noble St.
$14/ student, senior, artist, $18/ adult


Resurgence means to rise again, to be resurrected, to sweep or surge back once more.

In this duet, a man and woman, their pasts and present entwined, strive to find a future in their embattled relationship. The essence of their journey can be captured in a line from the 13th century mystic and poet, Rumi: ”Gamble everything for love.” Choreographer: Terrill Maguire (TO), Performers: Danielle Baskerville and Tyler Gledhill


Viscosité – Toronto Premiere

Five bodies are moving as a single entity and reflecting tenacious, dense and elastics textures that arouse from viscosity. To the rhythm of instinctive impulses, they respond to the flow qualities of viscous fluids, immersing us in the deep waters of our interior. Choreographer: Anne-Flore de Rochambeau Performers: Marine Rixhon, Marijoe Foucher, Liane Thériault, Gabriel Painchaud and Keven Lee.


the understory

‘the understory’ follows two performers as they inhabit and travel through a winter landscape, at times becoming that land. Rooted in the image of a sparse field in prairie winter, and in the transformative power of fire, the understory explores a precarious balance between isolation and interdependence.


“imaginative devising of a naturalistic world… potent images infuse the work with organic beauty”

- The Dance Current

Choreographers / Performers: Bee Pallomina and Johanna Bundon (TO, Reg)


Ford Advantage

Ford Advantage is a work exploring minivans, privilege, and the intersection of joy and grief. I have been given many gifts, most recently the gift of grief. I’ve been able to study it up close: its movements, its desperation, its’ disarmament.

Choreographer / Performer: Nicole Nigro (TO)


One Day Sooner – Toronto Premiere

A rejection of the assumption that haunts our lives: we are going to die. This piece goes on to share Big Ideas from inspiring places: quantum physics, philosophy of consciousness and futurism. The storytelling is constructed by the gestures of a body excited and haunted by the words it speaks.


 “Gregory Krypto Selinger unveils a humorous and participative performance. He delivers an existential monologue, illustrated by the floor figures characteristic of b-boying. Intricate footwork, balancing on his hands and other acrobatic movements become physical expressions of death, family, the expansion of the universe and consciousness.” Le Devoir, Naila Naoufal, May 29, 2015. English translation

Choreographer / Performer: Greg ‘Krypto’ Selinger (MTL)

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