Léa Tremblay Fong


Performance | Spectacle
  • Photo provided by presenter.

Montréal QC
May 27 mai 2017
10:00 | 22:00

Presented by | Diffusé par: Festival Accès Asie
Prince-Arthur Street


A dance, music and video performance by choreographer Léa Tremblay Fong and her collaborators, Jacques Boone (music), Pier-Louis Dagenais Savard (video) as well as other contemporary and street dancers. Inspired by nightlife cultures, block parties, and the past and present of Prince-Arthur Street, Fong and her collaborators take the pulse of the live site and interact with a diversity of people in the space. Fong combines dance and various art forms from street to hip-hop, anchoring her art in a critical and concrete social context. She choreographs her performances in interaction with urban life, creating and sharing in passing places, making her works accessible to all. Fong challenges the cultural habit that confines contemporary dance to indoor spaces and as paid for events. She takes her performances outside to meet people in their lives and on the street to overcome habits and cultural and socio-economic factors.

A link to the press release can be found here.

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