Helen Simard


Performance | Spectacle
IDIOT — Helen Simard — 27 fév > 3 mar

Montréal  QC
February 27-3 mars 2017
February 27 at 7pm, February 28, March 2 and 3 at 8pm

Presented by | Diffusé par: Théatre de la Chapelle
Théâtre la Chapelle
3700 rue Saint-Dominique
$18.50 to $33.50


In a dark, dreamlike universe of decaying decadence, four dancers and three musicians are submerged in a flood of furious live sounds, raw movements and nonsensical texts as they embark on a surreal journey of vulnerability and trust. They march to a droning guitar at majestically slow pace that is broken periodically by bursts of chaotic speed, creating a trance-like energy and inviting spectators to let go of logic and leave space for emotion. As the senses become overloaded and bodies are unleashed, altered states lead to clarity.

In the end, we see things as they are.
In the end, nothing is invented or exaggerated.
In the end, we tell the truth, but make it ridiculous.

Part dance show, part rock concert and part hallucination, IDIOT is the second of a trilogy of absurd creations, inspired by the legendary American musician: Iggy Pop.

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