Hula Hooping in Dance with Cindy Butt

Workshop | Classe
  • Photo courtesy of DanceNL

St. John's NL
December 7 décembre 2013
2:00 | 14:00 to 4:00 | 16:00

Bishop Field Elementary
44 Bond St.
free | gratuit

Hula Hooping in Dance with Cindy Butt is an interactive workshop for beginning hoopers aged 8 and up. Cindy will review the basics of hula hooping and teach some hula hoop dance moves to incorporate into choreography. 

Hula Hooping in Dance with Cindy Butt is part of the NL Moves workshop series by DanceNL. NL Moves is designed to expose the general public to many different dance genres while promoting wellness and physical activity. The workshops are led by DanceNL members with a mandate to  preserve, promote and support all forms of dance and dance activity throughout the province. 


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