Guelph Dance Festival

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Guelph  ON
May 29-1 juin 2014

Guelph Dance Festival will jump, collide, and dance through the streets, parks, and stages of Guelph. Welcoming artists from coast to coast. This festival features artist at a number of different locations which you can find listed below:

Stage A: May 30 @ 8:00 | 20:00, Co-operators Hall of the River Run Centre

Price: $15-$30 | 15$-30$

Mocean Dance: A leash and two hounds explores male/female coupling in an untraditional manner, focusing on the relationship between man and animal. An animated pursuit, it touches on survival of the fittest and plays with action/reaction patterns, illustrating shifts in power between man versus animal. The audience is rarely allowed to see the dancers’ faces, serving to narrow the focus on the nuance and subtlety of the dancers’ performanceChoreographed by Lesandra Dodson.

Sinha Danse: Hi5 Lo5 wifi takka takka dhim is a dialogue for four dancers. It is a piece about intolerance, bullying, and cyber-bullying. The piece originally stemmed from the experiences of the choreographer, Roger Sinha, when he arrived in Canada in 1968 as a young immigrant of colour. Much of it is autobiographical. The piece also reflects contemporary society’s obsession with smart phones and social media, so prevalent in our daily life, particularly for teenagers. 

Stage B: May 31 @ 8:00 | 20:00, Co-operators Halls of the River Run Centre

Price: $15-$30 | 15$-30$

Shannon Litzenberger Contemporary Dance: Everyday Marvels, is an episodic performance installation based on Governor General Award-winning poet Lorna Crozier’s “The Book of Marvels A compendium of everyday things”. Everyday Marvels brings to life the objects we too often take for granted…a flashlight, spoons, a radiator. Choreographed by Shannon Litzenberger.

Presenting in the Park: May 29 @ 7:00 | 19:00, 31 @ 12:00, 1 @ 12:00, Exhibition Park

Price: Pay-what-you-can 

Across Oceans: KRIMA…what a shame. Things happen to good people in unexpected places, suddenly. Just when you least expect it: a drink spills, a window breaks, a siren screams, the world becomes loud…or silent. The show is designed for 100+ performers, including children and elders, professionals and non-professionals, because these “things” – funny, shocking, wonderful, sad – can and do happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Choreographed by Maxine Heppner.

Hidden Heart Collective: Counterpoise explores the on going journey of finding and restoring precious balance. The piece investigates both the physical act of bodies balancing weight and the act of balancing all of the many aspects of the human experience, including the dynamics of balance within relationships. Choreographed by Meghan MacNeil and Mistyna Wilcock.

Human Playground: Auto-Fiction features two dancers and an automobile. They walk, run, roll over, propel, and fall on this car composing a choreographic track between dance and urban acrobatics. It explores the multiple relationships we maintain with our cars ranging from fatal accidents to travel stories, channeling from the worlds of road trip movies and traffic reports. Choreographed by Milan Gervais.

Presenting in the Studio: May 31 @ 4:00 | 16:00, 1 @ 2:00 | 14:00, Dancetheatre David Earle Studio

Price: $15-$20 | 15$-20$

Jessica Runge: at once (im)possible, is a duet work for Jessica Runge and Brendan Wyatt: two people up against a figurative wall, pinned to the consequences of what happened before, supported to navigate the present moment. Choreographed by Heidi Strauss, in collaboration with Jessica Runge and Brendan Wyatt.

MOonhORsE Dance Theatre: Beside You, based on a poem of the same name by P.K. Page and integrates voice, body, set, and sound design to bring the choreographer’s vision to life. To create the solo, Hood was inspired by Moore’s “subtle and breath-taking artistry” and by the concept of a duet, with one person absent. Choreographed by Susanna Hood.

Presenting Local Initiatives: May 30 @ 4:00 | 16:00, TBD

Price: Pay-what-you-can 

Katie Ewald: Disappearing Geography, is set in an unadorned space, this is an ode to the architecture that is present in the room and to the state of being alone on stage. The dancer draws her body into the space in an effort to give agency to the architecture. Choreographed by Katie Ewald.

Lynette Segal and Steph Yates: Echo, is a new work explores the two-way transmission of an unfolding event. A responsive, shifting ‘lead and follow’ is injected into patterns and sequences across this series of duets in both movement and sound. Choreographed by Lynette Segal.

Presenting Youth Moves: June 1 @ 4:00 | 16:00, Co-operators Hall of the River Run Centre

Price: $15-$20 | 15$-20$

Feature eight works performed by dancers under the age of 19 from Carousel Dance Company, Contemporary School of Dance, Creative Children’s Dance Centre Inc, Dasein Dance School, Guelph Youth Dance Company, no. 369 Dance Collective, Perpetual Motion Youth Company, Renaissance School of the Arts Dance Company, Swansea School of Dance, and YMI Dancing. 

The Dance Market: May 31 @ 9:00

Price: Pay-what-you-can

Teachers, performers, mentors, healers, musicians, individuals and studios, will display and demonstrate their talents, as well as providing a chance to network with newcomers and veterans of the local dance community.




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