Frog in Hand

Grant Writing Basics

Workshop | Classe

Mississauga ON
September 12 septembre 2021
Matinée: 4:00 | 16:00



Led by Frog in Hand’s artistic director, Colleen Snell, this session will cover a wide variety of topics: anatomy of a grant (a basic universal grant structure: OAC, CCA & others), crafting language for a jury, representing artistic ideas in writing, where (and how) to start the grant process, reframing “success” (managing failure), tips for editing. Snell brings more than eight years of grant writing experience, having written successful grants for the Canada Council of the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, City of Mississauga, Government of Canada, various foundations, for Frog in Hand and on behalf of other arts organizations. She has also been “on the other side,” on juries assessing the submissions of her peers.

Learn more >> froginhand.com/grant-writing-fundamentals

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