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Gathering Vill: An Open Exchange

Exhibit | Exposition
  • Amelia Itcush in David Earle’s Angelic Visitation #1 / Photo by Eric Dzenis

Regina SK
November 30 novembre 2014
Matinée: 2:00 | 14:00

New Dance Horizons
2207 Harvey Street
Free | gratuit

This exhibit is part of <i>The Remembering Amelia Project</i>, an educational project exploring and archiving the work of movement analyst and dance maverick Amelia Itcush (1945-2011). The Itcush Method theories and practices of dynamic posture have aided people from all walks of life to expand their human movement potential. The final event of this project will feature a display of documentation, records and traces of Amelia’s work, providing insight to her remarkable gift toward expanding human movement potential. Special guest artist/teacher Kathy Morgan will be in attendance to demonstrate the hands on chair work.

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