Alessandro Sciarroni

FOLK-S will you still love me tomorrow?

Performance | Spectacle
  • Photo by Andrea Macchia

Vancouver BC
February 2-4 février 2017
8:00 | 20:00

Presented by | Diffusé par: The Dance Centre (Scotiabank Dance Centre)
Presented by | Diffusé par: PuSh International Performing Arts Festival
Scotiabank Dance Centre
677 Davie St.
$26-$36 | 26$-36$

The  works of Italian choreographer Alessandro Sciarroni range freely between dance, theatre, performance art and anthropology. In FOLK-S, he deconstructs the Schuhplattler (‘shoe-beater’), a Bavarian folk dance where the performers slap their shoes and legs with their hands, and refines it to its most essential elements, reactivating the movements in a contemporary context. Six dancers execute a series of complex rhythmic sequences, giving an  exposition of the multiple variations that a form can take, even to the point of exhaustion. The hammering of bodies transformed into percussion instruments creates a hypnotic sense of ritual, in a spellbinding meditation on time, rhythm and effort.

For tickets and more information visit pushfestival.ca.

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