Peggy Baker Dance Projects

FluxDelux at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Participatory | Participatif

Toronto ON
October 3-4 octobre 2015

Trinity Community Rec Centre
155 Crawford St
Free | gratuit

In 2014 Peggy Baker devised Flux, in which a simple set of guidelines followed by dancers, non-dancers or wheelchair users instantly creates a spontaneous, ever-evolving, and gloriously eventful group choreography.
FluxDelux is literally the deluxe version of Flux, and marries contemporary dance with cutting-edge new media technology through a tailor-made iOS app, designed by creative technologist Jacob Niedzwiecki. Movement instructions are delivered to pedestrians and wheelchair users via the app, though earphones. Peggy Baker Dance Projects has partnered with Tangled Art + Disability and students from Rosedale Heights School of the Arts throughout the creation of FluxDelux
Using the custom iPhone app or the mp3 file or Peggy’s simple set of instructions, audience members can join in the creation and performance of an instant mass choreography. For FluxDelux the all-abilities audience are the performers, negotiating space with creative physicality and generosity.
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