EDAM (Experimental Dance And Music)

Fall Choreographic Series

Performance | Spectacle

October 23-2 novembre 2013
8:00 | 20:00 on Various days | Spectacles à différentes dates

Presented by | Diffusé par: EDAM (Experimental Dance And Music)
EDAM Studio Theatre
303 East 8th Ave.

Con-Found, a real time composition created by Rob Kitsos and his cast of performers, some of Vancouver’s most engaging dancers and actors: Aryo Khakpour, Robert Azevedo, Jesie Kwan, Felicia Lau, Alex Mah, Sean Marshall Jr, Kim Stevenson and Conor Wylie. Con-Found explores the potential of the thinking body. Including everything from complex athletic choreography to calm, crafted trajectories and stories, the performers will take the audience through a surreal world which is not here nor there but rather the place/space in between.

and NEW RAW, choreographed and performed by Deanna Peters in collaboration with Molly McDermott, Elissa Hanson, Alexa Mardon. Created via solo and group improvisations, the aim of NEW RAW is to side-step clichés of female identity in order to reveal individual rhythms, desires, habits and dreams.

and a new duet choreographed by Peter Bingham and performed by Monica Strehlke and Farley Johansson

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