Tap Dance Centre

Eastern Canadian Tap Conference

Conference | Colloque

Mississauga ON
October 14-16 octobre 2016

Presented by | Diffusé par: Tap Dance Centre
Cawthra Park Secondary School
1305 Cawthra Rd
(905) 274-1271

The twelfth Eastern Canadian Tap Conference (ECTC) brings together international, national and local tap artists for performances and educational workshops. It is the brainchild of Mississauga-based tapper Kim Chalovich, who after eight years as an automotive engineer, became the founder of the company What’s On? Tap! She created the conference to bring masters from tap hubs like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, to Ontario. Presented by the Tap Dance Centre, a permanent base for tap training, also founded by Chalovich, the ECTC features workshops by Chalovich, Travis Knights, Thomas Wadelton, Aaron Tolson, David Cox, Johnathan Morin, Ryan Foley and Mackenzie Greenwell. In addition, the festival presents an evening show, TAP! on October 14th. 

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