The National Ballet of Canada, Robert Binet

The Dreamers Ever Leave You

Performance | Spectacle

August 31-10 septembre 2016

AGO Members and National Ballet Members: $45 | Public: $55

Please note that The Dreamers Ever Leave You is an immersive gallery performance. Visitors are invited to move throughout the gallery as the performance happens around them. We recommend visitors plan to stay for 30 minutes or more. For visitors with accessibility needs a very limited number of seats will be available. Tickets will be timed, with three entry times available per performance.

Featuring music by composer Lubomyr Melnyk and performed by the artists of The National Ballet, The Dreamers Ever Leave You invites visitors to move through the gallery as the performance happens around them. Melnyk will perform his score live in the space alongside the dancers, who will move freely under shifting light and colour, evoking Harris’ majestic visions of land, light and sky.

Says Binet of the work: “Rather than choreograph something that would try to recreate or fix the beautiful, transient moments in Harris’s work, I decided to create a work in which all elements are constantly shifting in response to one another, as they do in nature. The dancers will also be making decisions reactively as the situation evolves. As a result, the performance will always be creating itself, often in unexpected ways.”

The Dreamers Ever Leave You is a celebration of Harris’ extraordinary vision and a testament to his ongoing influence over new generations of artists across artistic disciplines.


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