Performance | Spectacle
  • Megan Jerome and Mary Catherine Jack in Marianne Duval's Que Sera Sera presented at DHDP 2017 / Photo courtesy of the presenter

Ottawa ON
September 6-7 septembre 2019
8:00 | 20:00

Presented by | Diffusé par: Dark Horse Dance Projects
The School of Dance
200 Crichton Street

The Dark Horse Dance Projects team presents two shows featuring five new creations by artists from Ottawa. The line-up includes work choreographed and performed by Amanda Bon with Julie Anne Ryan, and Jordan Samonas with Kelsey Walsh, as well as work by Alya Graham with dancers Myrielle Bernier-Acuna and Robin Treleavan, work by Lois Chan with dancers Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson, Jessica Hotte and Alix Latour. Also included are creators and performers Mary Catherine Jack and Megan Jerome. Each performance is approximately ninety minutes long. Tthe venue is not wheelchair accessible and there is no elevator access. Anyone wearing high heels will be asked to remove them before entering performance studios. Tickets are general admission. There will be an after party at The Royal Oak at the corner of Beechwood and Crichton.

Learn more >> darkhorsedanceprojects.com.


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