Rachel Meyer

DanceLab Sharing & Discussion

Broadcast | Diffusion
  • Rachel Meyer photo David Cooper

Vancouver BC
June 29-6 juillet 2021

Presented by | Diffusé par: The Dance Centre

Pay-what-you-can: sliding scale $0-$20

Inspired by Rachel Meyer’s two-year-old daughter’s question: “Do we die when we sleep?”, this work aims to explore the emotion of wonder: imagination and dream-space infiltrate responsibility and conformity. “As we age and change throughout our lives, we undergo an iterative process of defining and redefining our reality. It is a matter of survival, or comfort, or artistry. We seldom notice that any act of definition, however poetic, relies on establishing limitations. The path narrows as we go; our world shrinks, becomes more and more banal. There are less and less surprises.” This online showing will share excerpts of work in progress, and a conversation with the choreographer. Supported through The Dance Centre’s DanceLab program.

Learn more: thedancecentre.ca/event/rachel-meyer/

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