Aeriosa Dance Society, Co.ERASGA, Karen Jamieson, Margaret Grenier, Lesley Telford, Meredith Kalaman, Wen Wei Dance, Ziyian Kwan

Dance In Vancouver

Performance | Spectacle
Dance In Vancouver 2017 Trailer

Vancouver BC
November 22-26 novembre 2017

Presented by | Diffusé par: The Dance Centre (Scotiabank Dance Centre)
The Dance Centre
Scotiabank Dance Centre Level 6, 677 Davie Street Vancouver BC V6B 2G6

Dance in Vancouver is an opportunity for presenters from around the world to experience the eclectic contemporary dance of the west coast. Performances will include Second Nature, an excerpt from aerial dance company Aeriosa’s new work. Tracing Malong, an ensemble piece inspired by the Filipino Indegineous fabric, malong; will be presented by Co. ERASGA. Karen Jamieson and Margaret Grenier will explore themes of language, culture and identity in Light Breaking Broken. A collaboration between veteran artist Lesley Telford and poet Barbara Adler will present a science-inspired work, Spooky Action at a Distance. The main stage will also feature powerful work exploring loneliness and human connection in Dialogue to be performed by Wen Wei Dance as well as gender socialization analysed in Femme Fatales, a work by Meredith Kalaman. 

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