Karen Kaeja, Kaeja d'Dance

Dance Advance Workshop Series: Contemporary Improvisation

Workshop | Classe
  • Photographer: Irina Popova, Dancers: Stephanie Tremblay and Michael Caldwell, Choreographer: Allen Kaeja

Peterborough ON
February 22 février 2020

Presented by | Diffusé par: Peterborough Dance Works
Presented by | Diffusé par: Public Energy Performing Arts
All Saints Anglican Church
1801 Lorne Ave.

$25/ pwyc

This workshop’s warm up invites participants to find a personal calm, awakening head to tail and finding ease in and out of the floor. With years of research on the qualities of touch and connection, Karen Kaeja aims to bring attention to support, axis, momentum, intuition and insistence. Her investigations also source personal memory to devise movement while also asking the question – how are we present when we are somatically or performatively engaged? Open to all who wish to dance. Register: Email to admin@publicenergy.ca

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