Mafa Makhubalo, Diana Lopez, Esie Mensah

Contemporaneity 1.0

Performance | Spectacle
  • Mafa Makhubalo / Photo courtesy of Anandam Dancetheatre

Toronto ON
October 12-15 octobre 2017
7:30 | 19:30

Presented by | Diffusé par: Anandam Dancetheatre
Presented by | Diffusé par: Dancemakers
Member of the CanDance Network | Membre du reseau CanDanse
Dancemakers Centre for Creation
9 Trinity St.

Contemporaneity is a new presenting series by Anandam Dancetheatre featuring new works and works-in-progress by artists practicing in Asian, African, Latin American, Arab and Indigenous dance forms. Responding to the widespread use of “contemporary” to describe European and white American theatrical dance, Anandam re-centers “contemporaneity” as a shared inquiry, animating a current and collective interest in holding the dancing body in the world. This performance features aerial and multidisciplinary artist Diana Lopez’s De Agua y Barro, African dance artist Mafa Makhubalo’s Lentswe la Setjhaba (Voices of the Land) and Afrofusion artist Esie Mensah’s Shades of Blackness.

To find more information, visit anandam.ca.

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