coexisTence Too - Bleeding True #2

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
April 6 avril 2016
8:00 PM

Presented by | Diffusé par: Colin Anthony
Tranzac Club
292 Brunswick Ave.

In October, people experienced the building that houses the Tranzac in an unusual way. All three venues, the Main Hall, the Southern Cross Lounge, and the Tiki Room, with doors wide open, became one.

For ‘coexisTence Too (Bleeding True),’ we featured a duet pairing in each of the rooms (a duet is defined as ‘no more than two musicians, no more than two dancers, at least one of each’). The doors to each venue were kept wide open, inviting as much bleed-through as possible, so that the solos and duets became trios and sextets, and of course, musicians listened and played accordingly. The results were extraordinary.

Presented to you by the luminaries of the coexisDance Series, coexisTence Too - Bleeding True #2 is the next installment of coexisTence. This new beginning in sound and dance is no to be missed.

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