coexisTence Too - Bleeding True

Performance | Spectacle
  • Bea Labikova

Toronto ON
October 21 octobre 2015
8:00 | 20:00

Tranzac Club
292 Brunswick Ave.
$15 | 15$

 coexisDance is a duet series with the format “no more than two dancers, no more than two musicians, at least oneof each.” A coexisDance performance involves eight such pieces, which can be improvised, choreographed, or anything outside of that or in between.

coexisTence is where coexisDance came from. It started out as a duet series for musicians. It began at the Tranzac. Bleeding True is an allusion to the fact that the Tranzac has some issues with bleed-through sound. By occupying all three venues and keeping the doors propped open, the performances will be embracing the bleed-through. Musical solos and duets in each room will played and heard as one large trio, quartet, quintet, or sextet. Of course, there will be a dancer or a pair of dancers in each room.


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