Preville Dance Academy

Choregraphic Intensive

Intensive | Atelier
  • Preville Dance Academy

July 5-16 juillet 2021


This two-week choreographic intensive allows young dancers, ages 10-18 years, the opportunity to explore a new aspect of dance where they will discover the creative process and improve their choreographic skills. Dancers will work with dance professionals Neil Sochasky and Jamie Malysh. Mornings will be spent with Sochasky in his class, YOU AND THE FLOOR, STEP BY STEP. Drawing from techniques in Parkour (free running), martial arts and David Zambrano’s Flying Low, this workshop focuses on conditioning and safe preparation for the cool things those people on the internet do, like how to fall and roll on any surface, and how to scale up from the floor, toward classic acrobatics at your own speed. Afternoons will be spent with Malysh diving into the world of choreography, improvising, creating and exploring.

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