Charles Slender-White

Charles Slender-White - master classes

Workshop | Classe
  • Charles Slender-White © Regan Marling

Montréal  QC
February 8-12 février 2016
10am - 12pm

Presented by | Diffusé par: Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique
Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique
Édifice Jean-Pierre-Perreault 2022, Sherbrooke St. E
$8/class with the financial support of Emploi-Québec


Countertechnique provides tools for the body and mind to deal with todays
demanding dance practice. It is a movement system to help the dancer think
about the dancing body, focusing on the process of incorporating information
into action. Within a clear structure of exercises, the Countertechnique
class thoroughly prepares the body for rehearsal and performance, enabling
dancers to move bigger, more fluidly and more spatially, while becoming
stronger and more flexible.


A California native, Charles Slender White has been studying Countertechnique
since 2005 and began teaching in 2012. He graduated in dance and literature
from the University of Berkeley and has since worked in Europe and in Russia
with Tatiana Baganova. Upon returning to California in 2008, he created his
own company, FACT / SF, and teaches Countertechnique mainly in the San
Francisco area.

In collaboration with L’Artère, développement et perfectionnement en
danse contemporaine

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