Mocean Dance, Tara Luz Danse

Canvas 5x5/ Les billes Double Bill

Performance | Spectacle

Ottawa  ON
November 8 novembre 2014
7:00 | 19:00
Matinée: 2:00 | 14:00

Shenkman Arts Centre, Richcraft Theatre
245 Centrum Blvd.
1-613-580-2700, 1-866-752-5231 

Mocean Dance and Tara Luz Danse present a whimsicle double bill performance for all ages. Mocean Dance’s Canvas 5x5, choreographed by Tedd Robinson, blends the familiar with the excitingly new. Set to a traditional maritime soundscape, the piece uses Robinson’s signature moves with elegence and beauty. Tara Luz Danse’s Les billes is choreographed by Anik Bouvrette and is inspired by her own creative imagination. Tickets can be purchased at shenkmanarts.ca.

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