Butoh/Voice Intensive with Denise Fujiwara and Gerry Trentham

Intensive | Atelier

Toronto ON
December 7-18 décembre 2015
December 7-11 & December 14-18 | decembre 7-11 & december 14-18

Presented by | Diffusé par: Fujiwara Dance Inventions
Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre
509 Parliament St

Participants of this intensive two-week program will explore a new frontier of performance training. The program integrates the embodiment practices of the dance-theatre form of Butoh with the embodiment practices of Linklater based voice and speech work as a means to increased creative potential, range and precision as performers and performance creators.

The morning session will focus on integrated voice and Butoh practice, while the afternoon will develop these practices through performance, focusing on monologue and scene text, performance presence, physical/vocal improvisation and authentic character.

The workshop will be led by two remarkable teachers, Butoh artist Denise Fujiwara, and choreogapher and National Voice Intensive core faculty member Gerry Trentham.

For registration and more information visit fujiwaradance.com.

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