Bboyizm - Music Creates Opportunity

Performance | Spectacle
  • Jordy Yack

St. Catharines  ON
February 6 février 2015
7:30 | 7:30

Presented by | Diffusé par: First Ontario Performing Arts Centre
$35 regular, Children 13 + under $25

Choreographer Crazy Smooth’s Music Creates Opportunity takes precise and
mastered techniques and incorporates principles of contact improvisation. The
result is an hourlong celebration of dance, music and life featuring
traditional street dances including rocking, b-boying, house dancing and
pantsula, a street dance from Soweto, South Africa. We dare you sit still in
your seat.

Crazy Smooth’s follow up from his extensive Canadian tour is a new street
dance creation that increases the level of contemporary urban dance. Smooth
continues to explore themes of personal expression through authentic street
dance while pushing the boundaries of this increasingly popular art form.
Music Creates Opportunity builds on that foundation, taking precise and
mastered technique and incorporating partnering and principles of contact
improvisation. The result is an hour-long explosion of movement that brings
synchronicity and individualism together in a celebration of dance, music,
and life.

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