Company Wang Ramirez


Performance | Spectacle
  • Sebastien Ramirez and Honji Wang / Photo by Nika Kramer

Toronto ON
October 5-7 octobre 2016
5 @ 7:30 | 19:30
Matinée: 7 @ 2:00 | 14:00

Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
1 Front St. E
416-393-7469; 1-855-872-7669 
$15 | 15$

AP15 is the debut piece of the duo, whose virtuosic technique and artistry earned them the opportunity to develop and present their work on the international dance scene. The powerful artistic force of this piece paves the way for Wang and Ramirez’s own choreographic vocabulary and aesthetic ideas. This creation has been recognized for its outstanding quality through numerous prizes such as the New York Bessie Award for Outstanding Performance in 2013.

Sébastien Ramirez and Honji Wang cultivate a dance rooted in hip hop that incorporates all artistic languages. This French-Hispanic-Korean couple, as inseparable in life as onstage, translates their complicity in difference through artistic blending. Without denying their origins in urban dance, they create works with multiple entries. Their choreographic research results directly from their “blended” identities.

This performance is part of the Fall For Dance North Festival. For tickets and more information visit ffdnorth.com.

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