Canada’s Ballet Jörgen

Anastasia - Saskatoon, SK

Performance | Spectacle
  • Canada's Ballet Jörgen in Anastasia / Photo by Peter Yankov
  • Canada's Ballet Jörgen in Anastasia / Photo by Lawrence Ho

Saskatoon SK
March 17 mars 2018
7:30 | 19:30

TCU Place
35-22nd St. E

Canada’s Ballet Jörgen brings back the magical tale of the Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia for the tenth anniversary of the production. Created by Artistic Director Bengt Jörgen, Anastasia is set to an original full orchestra score by Russian/Canadian composer Ivan Barbotin.

Anastasia is both a tragic story of an innocent girl and the subject of modern mythology. The human drama of a young girl born to privilege and cast out into a world of immense heartache proves an extraordinarily gripping tale. This ballet explores emotions, aspirations, and affections of this lovable yet controversial character as the world transforms around her.

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