Essential Momentum 2019

Essential Momentum is an annual donor campaign that works not only to support The Dance Current but also to propel the publication forward. The wind turbine is a conceptual metaphor that frames this year’s Essential Momentum Campaign. 

On our way to The Dance Current’s 25th anniversary in 2023, Dance Media Group/Groupe Danse Média is intent on raising 10% of its publishing budget, annually, to increase dance media content and mentorship. 

Reaching the annual $25,000 goal works to offset existing operational costs - like magazine printing - and enables the organization to direct such savings toward propelling our growth and momentum as Canada’s leading dance publication.

In raising $25,000, in 2019 (this year), we hope to increase dance writing opportunities in 2020. This may include increased/competitive writer fees and/or piloting an editorial mentorship program that continues to diversify the voices representing  dance media content.

We hope you’ll show your support in this annual donor generator! While donations are accepted below via Paypal, we also accept payment over the phone or cheques mailed to The Dance Current office in the 401 Richmond building in Toronto. Please contact Crystal with any questions: 416-588-0850 or toll-free 1-800-891-7019. 

All donations of or over $20 will receive an income tax receipt. 

We will happily negotiate donor recognition preferences for donations over $5,000.  


 Sustain Donors ($20 - $60)

 Support the continuation of free online event and performance listings and receive digital acknowledgement. 


 Generate Donors ($100 - $1000)

 Support more online performance review(s) and receive digital acknowledgement. 



 Circulate Donors ($2,500 - $7,500)

 Support expanded multi-media content, which may include website or mobile app redevelopment, video/screendance and photographic documentation, and receive multi-platform public acknowledgement as a multi-media sponsor.


  Propel Donors ($10,000 - $20,000)

  Support increases to dance writer fees and receive multi-platform public acknowledgement as a print sponsor. 


 Transform Donors ($25,000)

 Support the full 2020 launch of the new editorial mentorship pilot program and receive multi-platform acknowledgement for one year as our dance media content development donor.

 Or, we will happily work with you to determine the donor recognition you would prefer.