Sandra Laronde Receives the 2020 Celebration of Cultural Life Award

Presented every two years as part of the Toronto Arts Foundation’s Signature Awards, the Celebration of Cultural Life Award recognizes excellence in three Toronto individuals whose work is a celebration of life through the arts.

Barbara Diabo's Community Project: Life is Good Thanks / photo by Tamara Romanchuk
Writers & Readers

(Re)Connecting the Circle

By Amy Hull

Claudia Moore’s MOonhORsE Dance Theatre presented Older & Reckless #42 in November of 2019. Amy Hull responds to the six works presented by artists Bill Coleman, Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo, Christine Friday, Elizabeth Langley, JP Longboat, Byron Chief Moon, and Lee Maracle.

George Stamos, Karla Etienne and Radwan Ghazi Moumneh in One Kind Favor / Photo by Nikol Mikus

The Courage to Be Kind

One Kind Favor by George Stamos By Helen Simard One Kind Favor

On the Ground

Following the Unknown

By Michael Lake

Prior to the debut of her new work, Wild Within, Sara Coffin talks to writer Michael Lake about the creation process.


Holding Each Other Up

By Aimee Dawn Robinson

Aimée Dawn Robinson talks about the importance of taking the time to “embrace, nourish and celebrate your artistry.”


Fearless Physicality

Athleticism in Toronto’s professional wrestling scene By Deanne Kearney

Professional wrestlers are athletes, performers, actors, dancers, gymnasts and comedians, and their sport has more in common with a ballet than with an episode of reality TV. Take a deeper look at the astonishing athleticism and theatricality within the world of pro wrestling.

On the Ground

Slicing Through Identities

By Philip Szporer

Discussing her newest creation, CUTLASS SPRING, Dana Michel speaks about the inspiration behind her experimental and intimate exploration of sexuality within identity.


Transform Yourself

One of Montréal’s most eagerly anticipated dance intensives, directed by Lisa Davies.

On the Ground

Redefining Recital

By Ileanna Cheladyn

Artemis Gordon, artistic director of the Arts Umbrella dance program, ensures that this school’s season finale will be anything but tedious. Performance is a tool of edification and experience, and what Gordon values is deeper than showmanship.


Living Wages for Dance Artists

By Olivia C. Davies

Olivia Davies talks about her involvement in a research and development project with CADA/West. The project’s goal is to produce new professional standards documents that will ensure the practices of more dance artists are understood.

For a While

Directed by Jenna Borisevich, For a While was shot in a dance studio on 16mm. It tells a story of unrequited love through dance: a couple shares in a fantasy, but only for a moment.


Moving Beyond the Theory of Inclusion

By Ravyn Ariah Wngz

Ravyn Ariah Wngz talks about the importance of seeking out those most affected by marginalization and exclusion to inform us of what changes are needed in the dance community.

On the Ground

Getting Involved at the Federal Level

By Kate Cornell

Why should the dance community care about politics? Kate Cornell writes about why it’s important for dance artists to get involved and offers tips on how to convincingly speak to politicians.

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Endless Imagination

By Dylan Schoenmakers

The most notable thing about The National Ballet of Canada’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is the number of things worth noting.


Beginnings are Everywhere

Reflections on the Coastal First Nations Dance Festival By Jane Gabriels

Join Jane Gabriels on her journey to the 2018 Coastal First Nations Dance Festival (CFNDF). Responding to the experience from a place of accompaniment, Gabriels pivots from viewer to witness.

What's In Your Dancebag?

Alex Michelle

Pole and aerial performer and co-owner of Vertika Pole Fitness Studio

Dancer's Kitchen

Megha's Creamy Lentils with Rice and Salad

A make-your-own-bowl inspired recipe

Healthy Dancer

Rest to Keep Perspective

By Netta Kornberg

Everyone knows rest is necessary - not least for dancers, whose artistic practice makes physical demands akin to athletes. Yet for many dancers, rest is a stressor.

William Yong in his own work Steer, with visual design by Jerome Delapierre / Photo by David Hou

Collective Copyright

Navigating authorship within contemporary dance By Lee Slinger

As dance artists navigate projects and performances, they encounter differing ideas of authorship. The evolving relationship between artists and digital media sharing have also shaped how these concepts are understood. Slinger spoke with several contemporary dance artists about their understandings of ownership, authorship and the role of intellectual property in their art-making processes. Slinger also weighs in with Carys Craig, a scholar of intellectual property, who argues that the legal system imposes binaries, such as choreographer/performer or work/performance, on creative work that do not speak to how dance is created, performed and shared.

Stashko in her own work Wound Up: redux, presented by New Music Edmonton

Broadening Our Sphere

By Kate Stashko

Kate Stashko talks about representation on stage and brainstorms a few simple actions she thinks dance artists, curators, programmers, collaborators and audience members can take to broaden their circles.

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