Yasmina Ramzy


Yasmina Ramzy is director and producer of Arabesque Dance Company. Arabesque Dance Company and Orchestra presents “NOOR” (“Light”) from March 3rd through 6th at the Fleck Dance Theatre, Toronto.

Yasmina Ramzy's Work

That "Shiver Quality"

By Grace Wells-Smith, Yasmina Ramzy

Nath Keo is a Victoria-based belly dancer who primarily practises Raqs Sharqi, the classical Egyptian style of belly dance. Having grown up in the Cambodian Khao-I-Dang refugee camp, Keo describes how his passion for dance was ignited by watching performances there and later developed by his practice as a monk.

Feminism and Bellydance

The Bellybutton Revolution By Yasmina Ramzy

My mother was a devout participant in the feminist revolution. When I grew up and became a bellydancer, needless to say, my mom was perplexed and wondered where she had gone wrong.