Xdzunúm Danae Trejo-Boles


Since her early childhood in México, Xdzunúm Danae has been involved in the performing arts in dance, theatre and puppetry projects often accompanied by live chamber ensembles and singing. Recently her focus has been in contemporary dance and physical theatre and she has been writing and reciting poetry for Ensamble Pegasus. She is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in choreography at Concordia University. Her main interests lie in improvisation, theatre of the absurd and folk music particularly from central México and Ireland.

Xdzunúm Danae Trejo-Boles' Work


Devious Spine Chills

Hélène Blackburn and Lucie Bazzo’s Suites Ténébreuses / The Monsters By Xdzunúm Danae Trejo-Boles

There was a soft calmness to the dark theatre space of Agora de la danse as a mixed audience entered to see Cas Public’s Suites Ténébreuses / The Monsters, co-created by choreographer Hélène Blackburn and lighting designer Lucie Bazzo.


Fluent in form By Xdzunúm Danae Trejo-Boles

A dancer in his mid-twenties, Rivera, who started his training in gymnastics, works to combine ballet, breakdance and contemporary dance.


Fortunate Misgivings

Quantum Fur, curated by Geranium By Xdzunúm Danae Trejo-Boles

Curated by Hanako Hoshimi-Caines, Maria Kefirova and Katie Ward, this evening of works included Stick Kitties by Marc Boucher, Perennial forage by Erin Fortier (both Montréal-based artists), Wampum by composer and artist Elisa Harkins (Cherokee/Muscogee) from Oklahoma and Milk Pearl by Moine de la non existence de la pensée, a multimedia artist from Belgium.

On the Ground

Aiming for Abstraction

By Xdzunúm Danae Trejo-Boles

Paul-André Fortier’s latest work Trois closed the autumn season of Agora de la danse (November 22 through 25) and was also performed at the Germain Hotel Montréal’s Fou d’ici supermarket and a cafeteria in Google Montréal. Fortier and performers Mark Medrano and Naishi Wang spoke with The Dance Current about their experience of taking dance hors les murs, outside of the theatre context.