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Victoria McKenzie

Victoria McKenzie


Victoria McKenzie is an artist, writer and dancer currently based in Toronto. She holds a BA from the University of Toronto’s Literature and Critical Theory program and works with both the body and theory through previous involvement with Cittedellarte and Atelier Céladon.

Victoria McKenzie's Work

Dana Michel in Yellow Towel / Photo by Maxyme G. Delisle
Dance WiRe (Writers in Residence)

To Turn Burden into Songs

By Victoria McKenzie

Dear Dana, On June 18, 2017, I watched you perform Yellow Towel.

Thom Gill and Fan Wu / Image from video by Francesca Chudnoff
Dance WiRe (Writers in Residence)

“It’s all to get me to a different place.”

By Fabien Maltais-Bayda, Victoria McKenzie

While scrawling notes in mid-performance darkness, I sometimes cling to words.

Alicia Grant, Andrea Spaziani and Julia Male in Spaziani's Rafters / Photo courtesy of Spaziani
Dance WiRe (Writers in Residence)

A Feast of a MiniFest

By Victoria McKenzie

I’ve been craving spice lately. A lil’ paprika, a lil’ tamarind, a lil’ Dancemakers MiniFest.

Andrea Spaziani in her own work This Desiring Pony / Photo by Alejandro Fargosonini
Dance WiRe (Writers in Residence)

The Incantation of This Desiring Pony

By Victoria McKenzie

“Where have you been?” was the question projected on the upstage screen when we walked into the space.