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Valeria Nunziato grew up immersed in the world of dance, enrolling in her first ballet class at the age of four. While attending several dance studios in the GTA, Valeria was trained in an array of styles including jazz, tap, contemporary, and pointe. Valeria continued to educate herself in dance in post-secondary school, and in June of 2016, Valeria graduated from York University’s Dance Studies program with a BA Honours degree and an English minor. With an aspiration to become a dance writer, Valeria is currently working as an intern at The Dance Current, and looks forward to sharing her passion for the art of dance through her writing. 

Valeria Nunziato's Work


A Glimmer of Hope

Rodney Diverlus and Syrus Ware’s burn, burned By Valeria Nunziato

Through their original work, burn, burned, Rodney Diverlus and Syrus Marcus Ware present a fictitious futuristic setting following a band of revolutionaries looking to salvage what is left after decades of race-driven war and destruction.


Defying the Familiar

dance: made in canada’s Mrozewski Series By Valeria Nunziato

The Mrozewski series at this year’s dance: made in canada festival defy the familiar with Katia-Marie Germain’s Habiter and Josh Martin’s Leftovers.


Blending In, Blending Out

Syreeta Hector’s Black Ballerina By Valeria Nunziato

Syreeta Hector’s Black Ballerina bears a loaded title, with an equally weighty repertoire of choreography. At SummerWorks Performance Festival, we were offered a preview of this work-in-progress, her first-solo work, with the full program premiering at The Citadel this fall.

In Review

By Valeria Nunziato, James Oscar, Rachel Silver Maddock, Aparita Bhandari, Philip Szporer, Fawnda Mithrush, Molly Johnson, Mark Mann, Grace Wells-Smith

The Dance Current reflects on a year of dance criticism, by placing image and text together


A Night at the Juke Joint

The latest from Holla Jazz By Valeria Nunziato

Under the artistic direction of Natasha Powell, Floor’d was a fresh spin on vernacular jazz – a journey to another era, complete with live jazz music that has spectators dancing along in their seats. From the strike of the first saxophone to the last dim of the lights, we were offered much more than a show: the audience was given an experience.


Breaking the Mould By Valeria Nunziato

Sze-Yang Ade-Lame talks advocacy and self-love

On the Ground

What do You Want to Know about Dance?

By Sarah Lochhead, Anastasia Kolotova, Valeria Nunziato

On June 2, Canada’s National Ballet School’s (NBS) hosted Sharing Dance Day at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto. The annual event is NBS’s flagship community outreach initiative, which offers free dance programs to the public. Toronto was just one out of the five cities to host official Sharing Dance events, with other cities including Halifax, Montreal, Winnipeg and Calgary. As part of the event The Dance Current asked attendees to tell us about a dance-related topic or artist they’re interested in learning more about.


Exploring the Possibilities By Valeria Nunziato

Dario Charles on seeing dance as a network of opportunities.

Evan McKie and Tanya Howard in Wayne McGregor’s Genus / Photo by Aleksandar Antonijevic
Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Truly Mixed: Genus, Tarantella, Self and Soul and The Concert

By Valeria Nunziato

Four disparate works, precisely crafted by four distinguished artists, make one inspiring collection of dance for The National Ballet of Canada’s mixed program.

Jillian Vanstone and Skylar Campbell in The Nutcracker / Photo by Alexandar Antonijevic
Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Performing the Magic

By Valeria Nunziato

For anyone in search of some extra holiday spirit this season, The National Ballet of Canada’s rendition of The Nutcracker certainly does not fall short.

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