Suzanne Jaeger


Suzanne Jaeger is currently employed as the research officer for the Faculty of Fine Arts at York University. She spent several years as a philosophy professor at York and at the University of Central Florida. She has taught ballet at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, been a professional dancer, a choir director and a lifeguard. Suzanne works as a freelance dance writer. 

Suzanne Jaeger's Work

Considering Classicism

Bharatanatyam and Ballet By Suzanne Jaeger

B2 is a new work created by British choreographer Mavin Khoo for the dancers of Sampradaya Dance Creations and Ballet Jörgen Canada. Here, artistic director Lata Pada and Bengt Jörgen talk with writer and scholar Suzanne Jaeger about the position and practice of classicism in bharanatyam and ballet.

Wen Wei Dance: Unbound

Unravelling the Meanings By Suzanne Jaeger

Unbound (2006), a culturally and aesthetically hybrid work of dance choreographed by Wen Wi Wang, is an example of a post-modern, post-identity-age dance work. How do we unravel the meanings tied up in this visually stunning piece?


The Spirit of Dance Weaves a Tale 

By Suzanne Jaeger dance Immersion Showcase Presentation   Dance Immersion

“Throughout history, our people have been able to survive, through dance,” says Emerita Emerencia, who plays the role of a storyteller guiding the audience through various dances of the African Diaspora in the Dance Immersion Showcase Presentation’s Saturday matinee.  


The Innocence of Schoolgirls 

By Suzanne Jaeger "Signs" Yvonne Ng, Princess Productions

Yvonne Ng’s two-part work, “Signs” is a well-mixed suspension of text, movement, music and percussion in a fluid performance of theatrical dance. Katherine Duncanson composed a new score for the first dance “Paper Women”, and Lee Pui Ming created a work for “Emerald Lies”. Ng also invited poet Lindsay Zier-Vogel to contribute to the creative process by translating into poetic language the physicality of the choreography she observed in rehearsals.

The Innocence of Schoolgirls

By Suzanne Jaeger

Signs by Yvonne Ng: Toronto: February 9-11, 2006

Finding Entertainment in an Artist’s Obsessions

By Suzanne Jaeger

Body Remix/Goldberg Variations by Marie Chouinard: Toronto: November 3, 2005

Tranquility, destruction, struggle, amusement

By Suzanne Jaeger

Four at the Winch: New Choreography by Sara Porter, Andrea Nann, Valerie Calam and Louis Laberge-Côté: Toronto: October 5-8, 2005 — Neap Tide by Sara Porter, p 27, Dead Flag by Andrea Nann, p 29, One Trick Pony by Valerie Calam, p 29, The Carnival of the Animals by Louis Laberge-Côté


Finding Entertainment in an Artist’s Obsessions 

By Suzanne Jaeger "bODY_rEMIX/gOLDBERG_vARIATIONS" Marie Chouinard, Compagnie Marie Chouinard

It is not that Chouinard has run out of ideas. “bODY rEMIX” is a rich, wildly entertaining compilation of playful associations, sensual and erotic imagery and stunning virtuosic dancing enhanced by a cleverly woven mesh of percussive sounds, music, recorded speech, breathy sighs, grunts, orgasmic gasps and squeals.  


Tranquility, Destruction, Struggle, Amusement: Four Choreographers, Four Very Different Dances  

By Suzanne Jaeger Four at the Winch Sara Porter, Andrea Nann, Valerie Calam, Louis Laberge-Côté, Toronto Dance Theatre

A musician sits at the far left of the stage with a banjo and percussive instruments including bowls of water. In front of him is a small boat, “dry docked” with colourful nets hanging from it. Invoking familiar images of a seaside beach, a life jacket and bucket hang from ropes dropped from the fly, and at the front, seashells of various sizes and shapes are piled on the floor. The dance begins with …