Spenser McRae

Spenser McRae

Editorial Intern

Spenser began dancing at the age of two and trained competitively in a variety of styles. She holds a BA Dance Degree from the University of Calgary, and following graduation she completed a pre-professional training program with Decidedly Jazz Danceworks. Spenser then moved abroad to Edinburgh for two years where she continued to perform and teach, as well as volunteer at the Royal National Institute for the Blind where she led dance classes for sight-impaired adults. In 2014, Spenser was accepted to take part in the Glasgow Commonwealth Dance Exchange with Ombetja Yehinga Organisation’s dance troupe in Namibia. She is currently an administrator at Innovative Rhythm Dance Studios, and is also working towards earning her postgraduate degree in Arts Management at Humber College.  Spenser is grateful for all of the experiences her dancing has brought her and she continues to discover ways to share her greatest passion with others.

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