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Shannon Webb-Campbell is an award-winning poet, writer and journalist of mixed Aboriginal ancestry. She is the inaugural winner of Egale Canada’s Out in Print Award and was the Canadian Women in Literary Arts 2014 critic-in-residence. Still No Word (Breakwater Books 2015) is her first collection of poems. Her play Neither Love Letters Nor Moonlight debuts at Queer Acts Theatre Festival July 2015. She lives in Halifax.

Photo by Meghan Tansey Whitton

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Body Language

Poetry's Powwow By Shannon Webb-Campbell


Remote Sable Island brought to life by Mocean Dance

By Shannon Webb-Campbell Close Reach

Wild horses couldn’t drag us away from the world premiere of Sable Island, the first full-length production by Halifax’s Mocean Dance since 2010. Choreographed by Serge Bennathan, one of Canada’s most distinctive voices in dance, who immigrated from France in 1985, Sable Island is deeply emotional, untamable and an elemental dance performance. As the contemporary dance bill promised, Close Reach, an evening sail of dance, theatre and music featured Sable Island and Live from the Flash Pan.