Selma Odom


Selma Odom teaches dance history at York University. Her research focusses on teachers and transmission in dance and music. She has published hundreds of articles and reviews since the 1960s and co-edited the anthology Canadian Dance: Visions and Stories (2004).


Selma Odom's Work

Ryerson dance students in AGO Live: 100 Years of Merce Cunningham / Photo by Marlowe Porter
On the Ground

The Dancers Are the Work

By Selma Odom

Dylan Crossman speaks with Selma Odom about his restaging of Changing Steps, discussing the influence of Merce Cunningham’s philosophy on his dancing, teaching, and choreographing.

Celebrating Merce

By Erin Joelle McCurdy, Jia Yi (Judy) Luo, Rachel Silver Maddock, Selma Odom

To celebrate Merce Cunningham’s 100th birthday in 2019, the Merce Cunningham Trust organized the Cunningham Centennial celebrations.


Margaret Dale’s Canadian connection

Ballet dancer and television producer Margaret Dale died January 28th, 2010 at the age of eighty-seven. Revered for her roles as s…

Short Waves

By Brittany Duggan, Amy Bowring, Selma Odom

Funding cuts for Alberta's artists; Édouard Lock to receive Governor General's Performing Arts Award; Chrystal Awards honour Victoria artists [Treena Stubel; David Ferguson; Lori Hamar; Miles Lowry; Lynda Raino]; Losses in the dance community: Margaret Dale and Beverley Miller


In Process with Peter Quanz: Part 3

Interview with Peter Quanz, Anton Lubchenko and Elena Tchernichova By Selma Odom

Choreographer Peter Quanz and composer Anton Lubchenko reflected on the production of In Colour after its last performance by The National Ballet of Canada in March.


In Process with Peter Quanz: Part 2

Interview with Peter Quanz By Selma Odom

Peter Quanz has just embarked on orchestra and tech rehearsals with The National Ballet of Canada for In Colour, which opens March 4th.


In Process with Peter Quanz: Part 1

Interview with Peter Quanz By Selma Odom

Peter Quanz is currently in rehearsal with The National Ballet of Canada for his new ballet In Colour, with a score by composer Anton Lubchenko.

Peter Quanz

The Colour of Emotion By Selma Odom

Peter Quanz premieres In Colour on The National Ballet of Canada in early March on the program Innovation, which also includes new works by Sabrina Matthews and Crystal Pite.

Social Studies

By Selma Odom

Running on Passion: Four African-Canadian Choreographers Working in Toronto