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Writer and curator Sarah Todd is our new online regional editor based in Vancouver. Currently the media arts curator for the Western Front arts centre in Vancouver, Sarah is just as enthusiastic about dance as she is about visual and media arts and the curatorial practices she studied at OCAD in Toronto and at the University of British Columbia. “I was a real bunhead as a kid,” she explains, “class every day after school. My mom would take me to see dance performances – Les Ballets Jazz, Menaka Thakkar, Margie Gillis – which really planted the seed. After graduation, while debating whether I should be a cruise-ship showgirl or a dance undergrad, I injured myself badly enough to make neither of those options possible. I ended up in art school, but I have never stopped coming back to the body as a way to think things through.” Sarah believes that Vancouver punches above its weight in terms of the volume and quality of dance artists, events and audiences: “It’s a city with an incredible dance history and that lineage is really being pushed by increasingly compelling artists and initiatives.” Read Sarah’s column Motion Studio

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The Creative Gesture

Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity By Sarah Todd

The Creative Gesture, the inaugural contemporary dance residency led by sessional Banff dance director Emily Molnar and program head Stephen Laks, demonstrates responsiveness within a very ambitious and structured four weeks in the mountains.


Dancers’ Studio West’s Dance Action Group


As a cultural community, Calgary’s artists seem to create and perform without looming historical precedents, and with it a refreshing lack of self-consciousness. People just do what they want to do. This ethos is evident in the work of DAG – a relatively small group of performers and choreographers from a diverse range of backgrounds who make up the artistic core of Dance Action Lab.


Ballet Kelowna’s founding artistic director, David LaHay, departs as the season closes

Ballet Kelowna bade farewell to its founding artistic director, David LaHay, at the final performance of the 2013-2014 season.

Motion Studio

Out of the Audience and into the Fray

By Sarah Todd

International Dance Day was April 29. To be honest, I had never heard of it before – and that is a shame because dance (of all kinds) deserves a day of celebration.

Motion Studio

Home Girl

By Sarah Todd

I know “March Madness” is a college basketball thing, but it’s also an apt description of the Vancouver dance community over the month just past. The volume and quality of work that Vancouver audiences have the opportunity to see is encouraging, but is it a bit much given Vancouver’s very laid-back dance-going public?


Su-Feh Lee and Ziyian Kwan receive BC Dance Awards

Vancouver’s The Dance Centre has announced the recipients of two awards acknowledging British Columbia choreographers.


Blinded by the light

Porno Death Cult By Sarah Todd Porno Death Cult

Porno Death Cult is Tara Cheyenne Performance (TCP)’s fifth full-length work. In an age when research-oriented, formalist movement experimentation is de rigueur in contemporary dance, TCP’s commitment to cross-disciplinary, character-driven performance via narrative and persona is refreshing.

Motion Studio

Welcome to Motion Studio and midnight in Chinatown

By Sarah Todd

Welcome to Motion Studio, a monthly column from Vancouver written by The Dance Current’s online regional editor.


Full Tilt

Ballet BC’s Mixed Program By Sarah Todd

Ballet BC in the black fiscally and artistically with the recent mixed program, Tilt.


Object Lessons

By Sarah Todd Dances for a Small Stage 29

Vancouver’s Dances for a Small Stage 29 reviewed.

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