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Sarah Lochhead (BFA, MA) is the founder, Artistic and Executive Director of Simcoe Contemporary Dancers (SCD) – a not-for-profit professional dance company established in 2009 in Barrie, ON. Prior to running SCD, Sarah worked at the City of Barrie Leisure Transit and Facilities department as Recreational Programmer for Dance at Barrie’s community centres. Sarah has worked independently as an arts administrator and as a performer including with HNM Dance Company, Dance Nonce, and Menaka Thakkar Dance Company. She has trained in the modern styles of Duncan, Humphrey/Weidman, completed teacher training in Limón with Donna Krasnow, and with the Limón Company in NYC. She holds intermediate ballet certificates in RAD and Cecchetti. Her work has been acknowledged through a Top Citation award from the National Dance Educators Organization (USA) and the receipt of grants from the City of Barrie, the Ontario Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. 

Sarah Lochhead's Work

Once Upon a Time in a Galaxy Far, Far Away …

Before Clone Wars, Jar Jar Binks or CGI, a popular dance form known as disco ruled the galaxy.


Friends Lewis Bullock and Luke Bonner create a dancing Advent calendar in support of a local UK charity this holiday season.


Permission to View Freely

entrances and exits by TOES for Dance By Sarah Lochhead Entrances & Exits

entrances and exits by TOES for Dance showcased a diverse range of what one might expect to see under the catch-all term contemporary dance with eleven individual dance pieces on the bill.

Alterity Problem's Doing My Rounds, Checking Some Rounds

The September/October 2015 print article “Performing and Forming: Choreocinema in the media art of Emily Pelstring” discusses the technology and methods Pelstring used to create Doing My Rounds, Checking Some Rounds. The footage she created was edited together as a music video for Alterity Problem’s (Alex Moskos and Joel Taylor) composition of the same name.


Two Dance Industry Expos Come to Toronto

This past August, two dance expos launched in Toronto. Each had a distinct approach in the makeup of the day, but both served to build community, educate participants and inspire for the season ahead.


Choreocinema in the media art of Emily Pelstring By Sarah Lochhead

On the Ground


By Lee Slinger, Brittany Duggan, Sarah Lochhead

The Dance Current team is on the ground taking in this unique thirty-five-day arts and culture festival for the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games in Toronto.

A Canadian Flamenco Family Portrait

By Sarah Lochhead

Spanish dance has had a presence in Canada for many decades. Here, we reveal some of the connections between dancers and teachers in order to begin tracing the genealogy of flamenco in Canada.

Short Waves

By Sarah Lochhead

Ballet BC moves forward; Le Groupe AD resigns; The future of dance heritage [Dance Collection Danse]; TDSB renames school to honour Karen Kain; Recent Awards in Dance [Lata Pada; Margie Gillis; Susanna Hood; Esmeralda Enrique; Marlene Millar and Philip Szporer; Anik Bissonnette; Noam Gagnon; Kenneth Sherman; Farley Johansson; Science Friction]

Making Waves

By Sarah Lochhead

Simon Sylvain Lalonde of Xing Dance Theatre of Canada is ending his majestic reign