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Samantha Mehra is a member of the Society for Canadian Dance Studies (SCDS), the Society of Dance History Scholars (SDHS), and the Canadian Dance Assembly. In addition to teaching, writing, dancing, and presenting research, her work has appeared in The Dance Current, Dance Collection Danse Magazine, The Canadian Encyclopedia Online, and is published in Oxford University’s Forum for Modern Language Studies. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Dance History and Heritage at York University, Toronto, and is Founder of InkThink! Media Services. 

Samantha Mehra's Work

Dance Central goes electronic

Dance Central, The Dance Centre’s newsletter, will now be distributed electronically only. The move is a result of concer…

Scotiabank Dance Centre news

Mirna Zagar, executive director of Vancouver's Scotiabank Dance Centre, was presented a medallion in recognition of her work in de...

Simcoe Contemporary Dancers finish up busy performance month

Simcoe Contemporary Dancers (SCD), which formed in June 2009, recently completed a busy performance month. On November 13th, the c...

Ontario creates separate dance curriculum

The Ontario Ministry of Education has published a revised arts curriculum that acknowledges dance as a stand-alone subject in elem…


Making Statements 

By Samantha Mehra, Brittany Duggan “Based on Actual Unrelated Events” Meagan O’Shea, Stand Up Dance

A dialogue review of a performance in a very small space. 


Concern with legacy inspires several remounts

Vancouver’s Andrea Gunnlaugson recently coordinated The Legacy Repertory Project to revive works not seen for at least ten years a...

Zata Omm Dance Projects seeks tech specialists

William Yong’s Zata Omm Dance Projects in Toronto is currently seeking up to three technological specialists for its one- to two-w…

Variations on the “F” Word 

By Samantha Mehra The Toronto Fringe Festival  Toronto Fringe Festival

 I love how the word “fringe” rolls off the tongue. When I pronounce it, I fleetingly and inadvertently smile.


“Maybe I am just a story I keep telling myself” 

By Samantha Mehra “Frames” William Yong, Zata Omm Dance Projects

Silhouettes. Shadows. Peepholes. Clothing. Media. Language. The objects which frame our perceptions of the world are countless and often hidden from or by us.


Performing Masculinity 

By Samantha Mehra “(Re)tracing Fred” Darcey Callison, Da Collision

With every theoretical lens, something new is revealed about the implications of Fred Astaire’s performances.