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Samantha Mehra is a member of the Society for Canadian Dance Studies (SCDS), the Society of Dance History Scholars (SDHS), and the Canadian Dance Assembly. In addition to teaching, writing, dancing, and presenting research, her work has appeared in The Dance Current, Dance Collection Danse Magazine, The Canadian Encyclopedia Online, and is published in Oxford University’s Forum for Modern Language Studies. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Dance History and Heritage at York University, Toronto, and is Founder of InkThink! Media Services. 

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Shannon Litzenberger made inaugural Metcalf Arts Policy Fellow

The Toronto Arts Foundation recently named dance artist and arts advocate Shannon Litzenberger as the first recipient of the two-y...

Merce Cunningham Dance Company announces final tour

The Merce Cunningham Dance Company announced its final international Legacy Tour, which began in Columbus, Ohio, on February 12th,…

CADA-ON and Dance Ontario announce new partnership

The Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists (CADA-ON) and Dance Ontario have announced their intentions to launc…

Self-employed to receive EI benefits

The Canadian government has introduced legislation that will allow self-employed individuals to opt into the federal employment into the federal employment insurance (EI) plan, a benefit that was previously only available to wage-earners and salaried workers.


Town hall on equity and diversity in the performing arts

Cultural Pluralism in Performing Arts Movement Ontario (CPPAMO) recently presented the town hall “Equity and Diversity in the Performing Arts.”

Short Waves

By Naomi Brand, Samantha Mehra, Jacqueline Hansen

Update on BC arts funding; Survey shows Ontarians think art is important; Denys Drozdyuk: Canada’s new favourite dancer

Short Waves

By Naomi Brand, Samantha Mehra, Cindy Brett

Nathalie Fave appointed executive director of CDA; SFU’s School for Contemporary Arts moves downtown; Vancouver Global Dance Project and Toronto’s D2D Festival

Short Waves

By Samantha Mehra, Cindy Brett, Brittany Duggan

Self-employed to receive EI benefits; BC Arts Council releases strategic plan; Town hall on equity and diversity in the performing arts; SOCAN accepts Dance Ontario’s offer

At/In the Moment

Kokoro Dance By Samantha Mehra

Kokoro Dance founders Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi are known for works that combine ballet, modern, improvisation, butoh and live music. Over the last ten years, the two have also shaped the Vancouver International Dance Festival into a major event in the Canadian dance season.

battery opera charges $267.67 per ticket

As a response to British Columbia’s recent arts budget cuts, Vancouver’s battery opera will charge $267.67 per ticket for its remo…