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Sabrina Papas


Born and raised in Toronto, Sabrina Papas began dancing ballet at the age of four. After a brief hiatus, she resumed lessons at the National Ballet School. She is in her second year at the University of Toronto, specializing in English. Currently, she works as an Editorial Assistant for Victoria University’s student newspaper, The Strand.

Sabrina Papas 's Work

Skylar Campbell as Pinocchio and Artists of the Ballet in The National Ballet of Canada’s Pinocchio / Photo by Aleksandar Antonijevic
Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Pinocchio: Hybridized Ballet

By Sabrina Papas

If the audience of the opening night performance of Pinocchio was expecting a wholly classic, balletic rendition when the curtain rose, choreographer Will Tuckett defied those expectations.

Jillian Vanstone in The Nutcracker / Photo by Alexandar Antonijevic
Emerging Arts Critics Programme

A Christmas Reverie

By Sabrina Papas

Performed annually by The National Ballet of Canada, The Nutcracker invites adults and children of all ages into a mystical holiday landscape.