Sabrina Bellisimo


A recent graduate from York University, Sabrina Bellissimo holds a double major in dance and English literature. She has been practising and experiencing various forms of dance since she was a young child, when she began studies in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and contemporary. She also loves researching and learning new forms, such as burlesque, breakdancing, salsa, flamenco and belly dance. Despite all of this training, Bellissimo has been unable to tame her extremely hyperextended elbows, which, she says, can really weird people out. This fall, Sabrina will begin a Master’s in communication and culture, a joint program offered by York and Ryerson Universities. She hopes to find a way to combine her love for dance, literature and the entertainment world through her studies. In her spare time, Sabrina loves listening to music, consuming media and reading – among her favourite books are the His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman, Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, and the Harry Potter series. 

Sabrina began her internship with The Dance Current in September 2014. 


Sabrina Bellisimo's Work

Getting Severe

A combination of modelling, theatre and dance established in the Harlem ballroom scene, vogue could not be further from its roots in China, but these dancers make it look right at home.

La Otra Orilla Unplugged

Set to live flamenco music, two female dancers present movement that is a hybrid between flamenco and tap, creating a unique and stunning cabaret.

On the Ground

A Day in Dance at Toronto’s Fringe Festival

By Sabrina Bellisimo

It was a hot Saturday afternoon when I set off into downtown Toronto to attend two shows at my first-ever Toronto Fringe Festival.

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Staging Wonderland

By Sabrina Bellisimo

The National Ballet of Canada’s (NBoC) Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a fantastical adventure that will draw you in and keep you captivated through every step and every note.

Emerging Arts Critics Programme


By Sabrina Bellisimo

The National Ballet of Canada’s Nijinsky is an emotional, enthralling and technically brilliant work in two acts. On opening night, National Ballet of Canada veteran Guillaume Côté reprised his role as the titular Nijinsky, combining raw emotion with technical excellence.


Neo-burlesque lives in Canada By Sabrina Bellisimo

A look at the Spring 2014 issue of the Canadian Theatre Review on burlesque.