Rod MacIvor


Rod MacIvor is a freelance Ottawa-based photographer. He formerly spent forty-two years as an active photojournalist working for The Ottawa Citizen and UPI (United Press International). International awards include the NNA (National Newspaper Award) and Canadian Press, 1999 Photo of the Year Award. 

Rod MacIvor's Work

In the Studio | En Studio

Tedd Robinson: beauty, art, retreat, nature | beauté, art, retraite, nature

By Megan Andrews, Rod MacIvor

Tedd Robinson took up residence in the Pontiac, Québec, in 2005 and has been presenting dance in his barn since the summer of 2007.

Tedd Robinson

Beauty, Art, Retreat, Nature By Megan Andrews, Rod MacIvor

Known for his strikingly visual works, Tedd Robinson reflects on his creative endeavours and his artistic retreat in the Pontiac region of Québec.