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Robin J. Miller is a Victoria-based writer and editor and long-time dance fan. Top of Robin’s list? Crystal Pite, because she manages the unusual feat of examining dance intellectually – holding it up to the light to see how it really works – without becoming pretentious and losing her connection to the audience. Plus she’s really funny. 

Robin J. Miller's Work


The Range at ROMP!

From experimental solos to Le Jazz Hot By Robin J. Miller ROMP! Festival of Dance

Joshua Beamish opened the nineteenth annual ROMP! Festival of Dance, presented by Victoria’s Suddenly Dance Theatre, with a solo show called Lone Wolf.


Major Motion Picture

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre By Robin J. Miller

It’s hard not to expect a lot from Vancouver’s Out Innerspace Dance Theatre. Their last piece, Me So You So Me, knocked the socks off critics and audiences alike across the country. Major Motion Picture does not feel as integrated or complete, but it has enough moments of breathtaking originality to make it a must-see.

Seven-Year Cycle

battery opera’s [storm] By Robin J. Miller

Two minds, two bodies, and one piece of art. Vancouver-based Lee Su-Feh and David McIntosh have been creating work together for seven years through their company battery opera. After their latest work, [storm], they have decided to call it quits.


Reading Dance 

By Robin J. Miller Nanaimo Infringing Dance Festival  Nanaimo Infringing Dance Festival 

Nanaimo, BC – about an hour-and-a-half’s drive north from Victoria on Vancouver Island – is not anybody’s idea of a chic, urban centre. It doesn’t even have a downtown Starbucks. What it does have is a contemporary dance festival, when other, much larger and ostensibly more dance-friendly cities have lost theirs. 


Turning Up the Heat 

By Robin J. Miller ¡BULLA! Hannah Stilwell, Kimberley Cooper, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks

It’s too bad Victoria doesn’t get snow, because it would have been fun to watch it melt under the heat of “¡BULLA!”, the latest full-length show from Calgary’s Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, subtitled “A Loud Cuban Jazz Experiment.” And loud it was. Also raucous and sexy and colourful, and very definitely hot.  


By Robin J. Miller

Gwen Noah: Lone Wolf of Halifax


The Holy Body Tattoo’s Monumental Development By Robin J. Miller

“From the time we met, we had this unspoken complicity, physically,” says Dana Gingras, one half of Vancouver’s The Holy Body Tattoo, with Noam Gagnon. Together the two have created and danced four full-length works. With monumental, the second in the National Arts Centre – CGI Youth Commission for Dance, they work for the first time solely from the outside, choreographing and coordinating a multimedia work for nine dancers in their signature style.


Of Toddlers, Maidens and Women 

By Robin J. Miller Three Flights Up Lynda Raino, Constance Cooke, Denise Lieutaghi

In the grey drizzle of a typical January on the West Coast, Victoria’s three best-known choreographers each took thirty minutes to prove that modern dance likes to tell stories just as much as classical ballet does.  

Social Studies

By Robin J. Miller

A delicate balance: Presenting Dance in Canada

In the Making

By Robin J. Miller

A Look Inside Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada’s Les Portes Tournantes

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