Robert Kingsbury

Robert Kingsbury


Robert Kingsbury is a multi-disciplinary artist practicing somatic and conceptual approaches to choreography. A graduate of York University’s Fine Arts program, Robert works in the fields of videography, music composition and dance. Robert is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and practitioner of Visceral Manipulation.

Robert Kingsbury's Work

How does a body occupy space?

By Robert Kingsbury

Padmini Chettur on the politics of form


Bodily Reflections

Sasha Ivanochko’s new works By Robert Kingsbury

Choreographer Sasha Ivanochko premiered two works – Modern Woman in Search of Soul and Mirror Staging the Seeing Place – presented as part of Citadel + Compagnie’s Bright Nights series. Both have been in development for four years, culminating in an evening of highly focused, personal and rigorous performance.

Dana Michel in Yellow Towel / Photo by Maxyme G. Delisle
Dance WiRe (Writers in Residence)

Crafting Tension and Attention

By Robert Kingsbury

Montreal dance artist Dana Michel’s celebrated work Yellow Towel had its Toronto debut as part of Dancemakers Minifest this June, after extensive touring in Europe and the United States.

Amanda Acorn / Photo by Talia Shipman
Dance WiRe (Writers in Residence)

Two Local Voices on a Double Bill

By Robert Kingsbury

Local and emerging artists-in-residence Andrea Spaziani and Amanda Acorn share a program during the Dancemakers MiniFest on June 13 in the Distillery District.

Syrus Marcus Ware / Image by Francesca Chudnoff
Dance WiRe (Writers in Residence)

Flowchart: Incidental Continuity

By Robert Kingsbury, Fabien Maltais-Bayda

Incidental continuity … The exploratory permissiveness of the program’s multidisciplinary approach uniquely opens the possibility for accidents of cohesion.

AndreaSpazian in This Desiring Pony / Photo by Alejandro Fargosonini
Dance WiRe (Writers in Residence)

Per for wo man it I v i t y: Intimacy-through-distance

By Robert Kingsbury

This Desiring Pony, a solo rooted in feminist methodology, calls upon internalized patriarchal modes of oppression existing both in the body of a female dance artist and in the dialectic between performer and audience.